Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Excitement for everyone!

Many new and exciting things are happening for us that we'd like to share with everyone. We're going to touch on different things for the entire entities of Jamie's Handmade Treasures and Weddings by Jamie's Handmade Treasures.

First we'd like to say that we now host Private Showings, Exclusive Trunk Shows and Home Parties. Here is our postcard with the info on it. We also host these online for those of you in other areas.

We are still working out all of the details to host an online party but plan to announce them very soon. We will have ALOT more items added to the website when this happens.

Another new addition we are adding will be an online treasure hunt. You will goto the website and go through the various pages by following clues and finding items. The first person to complete their hunt for the treasure will win a prize! This can be anything from a gift certificate, to a piece of jewelry, to a purse or a credit towards one of our exclusive Bridal Planning Packages listed here.

We will be updating the informational content of the website very soon as well, changing the layout of the about page, & making everything more streamlined and interesting.

Another change we wish to provide you with in the near future will be a Wedding Only site where we will offer nothing but information for newly engaged couples, tons of helpful tips, planning packages, bridal accessories, etc. It will simply be everything bridal, distinguishing itself from the website where it's now contained.

We aren't taking away any of the great things we are offering, we are expanding! With the separation of one site becoming two, we will be able to target a more practical market for everything we offer, therefore, you won't be bored with things you aren't interested in.

We have recently created a new Wedding's by Jamie's Handmade Treasures Page on Facebook which can be found here. Please add our page and "like" us. We are always sure to return the favor!

Yet another change we will be soon doing, is having guest bloggers. Here you will find content related to all aspects of Jamie's Handmade Treasures and Weddings by Jamie's Handmade Treasures. You may find jewelry cleaning tips one day and bridal planning idead the next but it's all guaranteed to have something in each article for everyone that is a client, or furture client of ours.

Mayfair is almost here! We are overly excited to see everyone at the show and can't wait to unveil new product lines for your enjoyment and purchasing pleasure. We will have gifts available for EVERYONE! More information can be found on our events page here. Please come out, say hello, and be a part of this fantastic event filled with treasures for the entire family! It's sure to be an event you won't want to miss! Remember if you ever have any questions for us or want to place a custom order please contact us here. We'd love to hear from you!

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